Hi, and thank you for visiting my site!

I'm the girl who used to doodle and sketch all the time in school when I maybe should have been taking actual notes (including in all my art classes, when I maybe should have been working on the actual assigned assignments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and I guess I've just never stopped.

I like using (and mixing together) a wide variety of media, and I don't limit myself to a certain subject matter, or strive towards having one cohesive style. Trying new things is part of what makes art fun for me, and I hope my work keeps evolving and getting more varied.

Some of my paintings and most of my greeting card designs are on sale at the Leigh Gallery in Chicago. Prints and various products with my designs are also available online. When I can, I like to file links to things happening in the art world that I find interesting, or new things that I'm working on, under Art News and Updates. If these pages are not up, I'm in the midst of "editing" them (which probably really means planning to edit, which can sometimes take quite a while-I'm admittedly not the best at updating things).    

Right now it's not really financially/logistically feasible for me to sell my work directly through this site; however, if there's a certain design or product you don't see on the third-party sites where I do sell my work, or you'd like to inquire about originals or commissions, just contact me. I can be reached at: jrgawel@gmail.com.

XOXO, Janine

(P.S., Gawel is pronounced: Guh (hard G) + VELL).